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Off The Mark


Mark Parisi's "Off The Mark", a 1 panel comic strip a la Gary Larsen's "The Far Side".


Odd Todd


Todd Rosenberg got laid off and created a funny website.


Bad Jocks


Bob Reno's website: Where COPS meets SportsCenter.


The Drudge Report


Matt Drudge links to various news stories.


Sports Illustrated


The sports magazine's official website (be sure to read Peter King's "Monday Morning Quarterback" column).




ESPN's official website (be sure to read anything Bill Simmons writes on Page 2).


Ain't It Cool News


Harry Knowles' site with the inside info on movies, TV, comics, etc.


Ron & Fez


The unofficial website of the Ron & Fez radio program.


Bruce Stark


A great caricaturist who inspired me to draw.


The Shields Report


Always an interesting read by W. Wayne Shields



Check out this guy's superhero videos on youtube


SNL: Celebrity Jeopardy(10)

SNL: Celebrity Jeopardy(all 13)


"Celebrity Jeopardy" skits from Saturday Night Live.


Batman: Dead End


Sandy Collora's Batman fan film.


World’s Finest


Sandy Collora's Superman/Batman fan film.




A fan film about Dick Grayson with MANY superhero cameos.


World Trade Sellouts


A great column about rebuilding Ground Zero by Nicole Gelinas.

World Trade Center Phoenix Design by Herbert Belton & Kenneth Gardner


What might have been...


Walt Handelsman


Flash cartoons by Newsday editorial cartoonist Walt Handelsman


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