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The Animated Parodies are spreading across the Internet like wildfire!!!  We are glad they are being so well received because they take 1 - 2 months to complete. 

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Click Here For The Godfather Parody
The Godfather Parody

"The Godfather"
(to the tune of "Love Theme From The Godfather")
Flash Animation - Released 1/3/09

Click Here For The Brokeback Mountain Parody
Brokeback Mountain Parody

"Brokeback Mountain" NSFW
(to the tune of "Trail of the Lonesome Pine")
Flash Animation - Released 2/12/06

Click Here For The King Kong Parody
King Kong Parody


"King Kong"
(to the tune of Steve Martin's "King Tut")
Flash Animation - Released 12/29/05


Click Here For The Indiana Jones 4 Parody
Indiana Jones 4 Parody

"Bury, Indiana"
(to the tune of The Music Man's "Gary, Indiana")
Flash Animation - Released 4/13/05

Click Here For The Darth Vader Parody
Darth Vader Parody

"Darth Vader:  On The Dark Side"
(to the tune of John Cafferty's "On The Dark Side")
Flash Animation - Released 9/21/04

Click Here For The Rocky VI Parody
Rocky VI Parody

"Rocky VI:  Die Or Retire"
(to the tune of Survivor's "Eye Of The Tiger")
Flash Animation - Released 8/10/03
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