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Installment #563 for Comics Buyer's Guide #1505

September 20, 2002
by Tony Isabella

My first encounter with the mad genius of Dominic Nunziato was  when a comics mailing list directed me to this URL:

What I found there was a cartoon song parody of “It’s Not Easy To Be Me” starring a certain harpoon-handed hero.  My eyes widened at what was before me, opening the way to tears of laughter as each outrageous verse played out before me.

Two months later, Nunziato posted a Wonder Woman parody.  Two more months brought a Batman parody.  Both were eagerly awaited and both were met with much online praise.

In the fullness of time, mainly because he directed me to it, I learned that Nunziato’s primary creative outlet was Spoil Sports. Twice a week, he posts a sports-oriented editorial cartoon, “a sports column in every cartoon,” and posts it at:

In addition to these cartoons, he also posts a weekly sports rant, a wave of the week, and a caricature of the week...with those  last two features extending into the realms of movies, TV, and pop culture.  Nunziato’s artwork may be unrefined, but he’s got a gift for conveying his opinions in an amusing manner.

Myself being the poster child for online excess with my 2000 or so Internet columns, I’m well aware of how fast one can build a considerable archive of material.  In Nunziato’s case, he actually did something with his archive, collecting 100 of his cartoons in Spoil Sports ($14.95), a self-published trade paperback sold on his website.  In appreciation for his musical super-hero parodies, and because I think Nunziato is a very funny guy, I ordered a copy of his book.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Spoil Sports was amusing light reading, even for someone whose interest in professional sports is pretty much limited to rooting for the Class AA Akron Aeros baseball team and mocking the various Cleveland teams at every conceivable opportunity.  The latter isn’t merely one of my endearing character flaws, it’s also a response to racially-insensitive team symbols and to team owners who epitomize “welfare for the rich.”  But I digress or, more accurately, I would digress if Peter David hadn’t already staked a claim on that corner of this fine publication.

Rambling back to the point, which I think was to review stuff by Dominic Nunziato, I give five Tonys to his Aquaman parody, four Tonys each to his Batman and Wonder Woman parodies, four more Tonys to his website, and three Tonys to his book.  That makes a total of 20 Tonys, which he might be able to trade for a Maggie Thompson and a Brent Frankenhoff to be named later.

There’s a flag on that lame sports analogy, so I guess I’m out of here until next week.  See you then.


ADDENDUM (11/14/02)

The above column first appeared in COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1505 [September 20], mailed to subscribers on September 3. That issue's cover featured photos of Peter David, Bill Jemas, and Joe Quesada. They aren't a pretty trio.

Dominic Nunziato now has a Green Lantern parody available on his website and it's a stitch. You can see it at:

If you want to support his Internet madness, and you should, buy his book already.


“Tony’s Tips!” is Copyright (c) Tony Isabella, 2002.  Comments on or review items for this column should be sent to: Tony’s Tips!, Box 1502, Medina, OH 44258.  You can e-mail Tony at:

And you can discuss this column and a variety of other topics at the official Tony Isabella Message Board:


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